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Latest press releases Click on the name of the document to download it in PDF or any other format if PDF is not available. Date
European Commission welcomes clear and simple guidelines to assess welfare of equidae for transport 09/02/2016
New Copa and Cogeca figures show good EU cereals plantings due to good weather conditions but grain prices low whilst EU rapeseed harvest down partly due to neonicotinoid seed treatment ban 05/02/2016
New EU Commission report on how to improve the functioning of the EU food chain confirms big changes must be made to the Supply Chain Initiative, Copa and Cogeca warn 01/02/2016
PRESS RELEASE - European Commission welcomes guidelines to assess fitness of pigs for transport 29/01/2016
Copa and Cogeca meet EU Commission to underline the low incomes facing EU beef producers and raised the issue of the on-going bilateral free trade talks and the beef sector 25/01/2016



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